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                  Electromagnetic flow meter

                  1, Apply for water, milk, beer,varions kinds of drinks
                  2, Many kinds of material of electrode
                  3, Local display with Modbus, Hart and so on
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                  Product description

                  1、 Application

                      Electromagnetic flow meter is used for flow measurment of conductive fluid with high accuracy based on its working principle.It has no movable parts and resistance parts. The measuring value is not relevant to temperature,pressure,viscosity,density,

                  ration between liquid and solid. It is widely used in the industrial fields of chemical fiber, foods, papermaking, sugar making, mining and metallurgy, water supply and drainage, environment protection, hydropower and irrigation works, steel, petroleum and pharmacy to measure the volume flow of conductive liquids of various kinds of acid, alkali, saline solutions, slurry, lime cream, sewage, cooled raw water,saline water, hydrogen peroxide, beer, wort, various kinds of drinks, black liquor and green liquor etc..

                  2、Parameters are following:


                  Diameter DN(mm)                       

                  PTFE pipeline:                             



                  Rubber pipeline




                  Special specifications can be customized。

                  Flow direcetion

                  Positive, negative, net flow,

                  Turndown ratio: 150:1

                  Repeatability error: ±0.1% of measured value

                  Accuracy grade: Pipeline: 0.5, 1.0

                  Measured medium temperature:

                  Ordinary rubber lining: -20~+60°C

                  High temperature rubber lining: -20~+90°C

                  Teflon lining: -30~+100°C

                  High temperature type vinyl lining: -30~+180°C

                  Rated working pressure:

                  Pipeline type: DN10-DN65: ≤2.5Mpa, DN80-DN150: 1.6Mpa,

                  DN200-DN1200: ≤1.0Mpa

                  Note: Special pressures can be ordered.

                  Flow measurement range:

                  Flow measurement range convection speed range is 0.3-15m/s

                   Conductivity range:

                      The measured fluid conductivity ≥ 5μs/cm

                  Most of the medium with water as its component, its conductivity in the range of 200-800μs/cm, can use electromagnetic flow;

                  Output current and load resistance:

                  4~20mA fully isolated load resistance <750 ohm pulse frequency 0-1KHZ photoelectric isolation OCT external power supply ≤35V

                  Maximum collector current is 25mA during conduction

                  Electrode material:

                  Molybdenum-containing stainless steel, titanium (Ti), tantalum (Ta), Hastelloy (H), platinum (Pt), or other special electrode materials

                  Protection level: Submersible type: IP68, other type IP65

                  Power supply:

                  85~265V, 45~63HZ

                  Straight section length:

                  Pipe type: Upstream ≥ 5DN, Downstream 2DN

                  Connection method:

                  Flange connections are used between the flow meter and the piping. The size of the flange connection should meet the requirements of GB9119-88.

                  Riot flag: mdllBT4

                  Ambient temperature: -25°C~+60°C

                  Relative temperature: 5%~95%

                  Consumption of total power: less than 20W



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